We conducted the restructuring of the intellectual property of an educational project worth 9 billion rubles
About the client
VTB Bank is recognized as one of the top commercial banks catering to small, medium, and large businesses. Furthermore, the VTB Group engages in charitable activities through its subsidiary funds, in particular, provides financial support for the development of the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University (GSOM).
Develop a comprehensive analysis plan for GSOM restructuring. Based on this plan, VTB, its partners, and St. Petersburg State University will be able to effectively commercialize the intellectual deliverables of GSOM and, in particular, its digital education.
As a result of due diligence, deficiencies in the existing system for documenting intellectual property rights were identified. We managed to identify the risks associated with the protection of confidential information and know-how.
VTB employees utilized non-material assets to establish a competing entity, which subsequently obtained a resident status in Skolkovo. There was a risk that the company might lose access to its work results.
How we resolved it
  • The due diligence identified multiple risks to the existing system of protection, registration, and utilization of non-material assets
  • Developed a comprehensive plan to separate GSOM from the structure of St. Petersburg State University, including a detailed analysis of various organizational and legal structures suitable for the client
  • Proposed three options of separating the digital education segment into a separate group of legal entities. Each of the options entailed a procedure for transferring the exclusive rights to non-material assets from St. Petersburg State University to the newly established structure
  • The final chosen option enabled the effective alignment of GSOM’s activities with other educational platforms, bypassing restrictions, while also providing GSOM with new sources of funding with retaining the ability to receive subsidies
We managed to create a unique solution, as restructuring state-funded educational institutions is a rarity.

Based on this solution, the commercial bank, its partners, and the university will be able to effectively commercialize GSOM’s intellectual deliverables and digital education.
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