We won a patent dispute and succeeded in lifting the ban on the sale of 61 smartphone models in Russia
About the client
Samsung Electronics is a leading South Korean manufacturer of electronic components and products. This is the largest global manufacturer of televisions, mobile phones, smartphones, and a primary provider of tablet computers and various other devices.
Contest the initial court ruling dated of July 27, 2021 and the subsequent supplementary decision of October 26, 2021. These rulings prohibited Samsung from importing smartphones to Russia and also banned the operation of the Samsung Pay service. Dispute the opponent’s patent.
If the court ruling had come into effect, Samsung would have been unable to sell its devices in Russia. Samsung Pay, which was used by millions of Russians, including a significant part of government employees who used MIR cards, could have been prohibited.
The plaintiff’s claims could have resulted in reputational risks both within Russia and worldwide. The client estimates potential losses in the case to exceed USD 1 bln.
How we resolved it
  • Successfully represented the client in the appellate and cassation courts
  • Prepared objections to Rospatent against granting the patent to the plaintiff
  • Contested the issuance of the patent to the plaintiff by Rospatent in the Chamber of Patent Disputes
We saved the client’s reputation and saved them RUB 75,000,000,000 that they could have lost due to the prohibition on using the service.

We established a precedent regarding the utilization of a multi-stage and multi-party method as a technical solution, which has been registered as an invention.
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