We registered new trademarks in Russia, China, and Turkey for a rapidly growing marketplace
About the client
Ozon is a leading Russian e-commerce platform. According to the research agency Data Insight, Ozon is the second-largest online retailer in Russia in terms of turnover.
Protect the new trademarks due to the introduction of a proprietary product line under the OZON brand. Strengthen brand protection in new foreign markets.
Submit applications and register new trademarks in the Russian Federation during the New Year holiday period Simultaneously, obtain legal protection for the OZON trademark in Russia for specific goods and services. Additionally, the OZON trademarks had to be registered in Turkey and China.
It was necessary to simultaneously work on multiple substantial tasks.
How we resolved it
  • Within a week, an audit of all the client’s non-material assets was conducted, and a protection strategy was developed
  • Seven new trademarks were registered in Russia: we selected an optimal set of classes under the Nice classification, taking into account the updated scope of the company’s activities
  • Assessed the new designations prior to further trademark registration in China to ensure compliance with the requirements of Chinese legislation
  • A preliminary analysis was carried out regarding the registration of the trademark in Turkey, based on which we formulated a registration strategy
The extensive work on registering the client’s trademarks has been initiated successfully. We are continuing the step-by-step registration of the non-material assets both in Russia and abroad.
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