Top-50 Russian law firms according to Kommersant

Kirill Mityagin, PhD and Nikolay Zaichenko, PhD

What we do

  • Contractual work
    Drafting, negotiation, execution and performance control

  • Dispute resolution and litigation
    protection of market power, recovery of compensations, unfair competition

  • Corporate structuring
    structuring your business from legal safety and tax perspectives

  • IP management
    formalization and documentation of technologies and knowledge management

Types of contracts

  • agreement on transfer of rights to the results of the intellectual activity;
  • agreement on granting rights to the technology;
  • software license agreement;
  • license agreement in respect of inventions, utility models or design solutions;
  • franchise agreement;
  • agreements in respect of rights to trademarks (transfer, license).

Our experience

We have a vast experience of contractual work relating to scientific and technological cooperation, research and development, design, as well as work contracts and labor contracts.

In addition, we work closely on agreements with authors (copywriters), designers and developers, as well as with scientists and technical experts.

According to statistics, we win 82% of the cases we participate in.

Pre-court complaints

Nevsky IP Law prepares demands to terminate infringement and works further to recover compensations for counterfeiting and other violations of copyright and patent rights.

Court representation

Nevsky IP Law represents clients in commercial (“arbitrazh”) courts, IP rights court, courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts of all levels (first, appeal, cassation and supervisory).

We analyze the violation, collect necessary evidence and calculate the amount of compensation which might be recovered.

Strategy of protection

We successfully support our client’s interests in high-profile transactions. We develop strategy of litigation, with the view of the expected reaction and position of the opponent, and hold inter-related court proceedings.


Nevsky IP Law secures proper enforcement of financial and intangible claims of its clients.

Nevsky IP Law performs tax planning and creates corporate and contractual relations scheme in order to minimize the transactional costs.

We draft tailored made constitutional and other internal documents, taking into account specifics of the IP-related business processes.

We create shareholders’ agreements, option agreements and agreements on the participants’ rights, memoranda and partners’ agreements regulating investment and corporate cooperation.

For start-ups and internet projects we develop corporate structures which include foreign jurisdictions and companies.

Revealing and documenting IP objects

Goods, works and services provided by a company contain IP. Nevsky IP Law helps to reveal, document and protect the IP assets which are essential for the company’s business.

Development of IP protection strategy

We develop detailed guidelines on protection of rights to invention, utility models, design solutions, know-how, works of science and design.

Preparation of title documents

Obtainment of patents, certificates and other title documents. Documenting rights to the IP results made for hire, including with the use of distance solutions and electronic document management.

Management of competencies and knowledge

Legal formalization of internal regulations and processes. Securing continuity of scientific research and development. Documentation of results of intellectual activity and introduction of a confidentiality regime (including commercial secret regime).

We work for

businesses which are dependent on intellectual property and technology.

Protection of Intellectual Property becomes very important for many businesses. Only true professionals can provide a true protection of IP.

Nevsky IP Law provides all types of legal services in the IP sector: Our lawyers reveal and estimate IP objects, advise on proper protection of IP objects and rights to them, as well as perform registration, patent work and certification, legal representation in courts of all types and levels and patent dispute chamber, contractual work related to the creation of IP, transfer of rights thereto, as well as provide legal advice and support on many other matters.

Main forms of use and protection of IP

  • Patent — a documentary evidence of authorship of an individual to a specific invention, can be issued for a term of 10-25 years;
  • License — a documentary evidence of right to use a specific IP object during a certain period of time;
  • Reproduction / broadcasting right — regulates use of audio and video;
  • Company name — a legal entity has an exclusive right to use it from the moment of state registration;
  • Trademark (service mark) — verbal, graphical or other identification mark, which can be exclusively used by a certain person.

Main types of IP rights

  • Copyright — design documentation, architectural constructions and buildings, works of art and literature;
  • Software rights — protected as works of literature, although may contain protected objects of industrial IP;
  • Industrial IP — inventions, design solutions, utility models, trademarks, know-how.

Our credentials

Our team includes only high qualified IP lawyers. Our partners have obtained PhD in law.

For many years we have been working on high-profile projects for technological companies, start-up projects, investors and scientists in Russia and European Union.

We have organized the Convention of Professional Management of Intellectual Property.